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Czech lyrics: Gabriela Osvaldová

Music: Ondřej Soukup

Script: Gabriela Osvaldová and Miroslav D Mirčev.


‘Robin Hood’ is an original Czech musical in 20 scenes. The text was composed according to the legends and ballads of Scottish and English bards and available literary works. The production is enriched by its special poeticism and humour. The basic plotline is taken from the tale of the legendary hero, a story whose image of a defender of the rights of the poor is one common to many nations.


There have been over 250 performances to date to over 100,000 theatregoers at the Kalich Theatre in Prague since its premiere in 2010, and another 43 performances in Slovakia.


It was also the subject of a Czech TV reality show 'Robin Hood - The Path to Glory' wherein contestants competed for roles and the public voted them in or out, making the stage show popular before it was launched. 


'Robin Hood' has a cast of 17. The orchestra, which could be reduced, is 14.

Robin Hood musical



  • Robin Hood: A young man, hardened in battle, who defies the usurpers of the throne and fights for the poor.


  • Herne, Lord of the Forest: A mystical pagan god fighting the forces of evil with his magical arrow.


  • Li: Robin’s faithful friend, skilled in martial arts and Asian medicine.


  • The Sherriff of Nottingham: A traitorous nobleman blinded by his desire for money and power.


  • Guy of Gisbourne: The Sherriff’s cousin and his accomplice in fulfilling his nefarious goals.


  • Maid Marian: The niece of King Richard the Lionheart, a brave and assertive beauty.


  • Maid Marian's Servant: A girl, young and attractive, brave and merry.


  • The Bishop: A greedy church dignitary who abuses his position.


  • The Witch: An evil old crone who feeds off the evil spread by those around her.


  • Little John: A powerful and good man who originally leads the band of outlaws.


  • Friar Tuck: A wayward monk, a jovial lover of beer and wine.


  • King Richard the Lionheart: The absent ruler.


  • Also: Tom the Outlaw, Much the Miller’s Son, Will Scarlet, Blind Imp and Deaf Imp



Robin of Loxley returns to his native England with his faithful friend Li, whose life he saved, after fighting in the military campaigns of King Richard the Lionheart. Robin discovers that while he was away his father was falsely accused of witchcraft and burned on the orders of the Sherriff of Nottingham, who has taken advantage of the king’s absence to try and seize power. Devastated, Robin vows revenge. The Sherriff learns of Robin’s return and decides to get rid of him as quickly as possible, as he has stolen Robin’s estate and fears retaliation.


Robin seeks out Maid Marian to tell her that her brother fell during the military campaign and that his last wish was for Robin to take care of her, but Marian feels Robin is responsible for his death by recruiting him in the first place. They’re ambushed by Guy of Gisbourne and his men and Robin and Li flee to Sherwood Forest, a notoriously dangerous place. There they’re attacked by outlaws, led by Little John, who, after an epic fight, eventually recognises Robin and explains how the Sherriff outlawed them and now they must steal to feed their families. Robin rallies the outlaws against the Sherriff, offering them his military experience, and becomes their leader.


The Sherriff wants to marry Maid Marian, but she laughs at him. He threatens to send her to a nunnery and asks the Bishop, who was complicit in convicting Robin’s father of witchcraft, to convince her.


Robin and Li train the outlaws how to fight. They’re joined by a drunken Friar Tuck whose loud singing attracts the forest imps, who don’t understand the bustle of human activity in the forest. Disguised as women, the outlaws capture the cart, horses and gold being sent by the Sherriff to his allies.


The desperate Maid Marian and her servant enter the outlaws’ camp. Robin berates her, but slowly the two start to understand each other. Robin hears the voice of Herne telling him to retrieve his magic arrow from the witch. Meanwhile the witch reveals the hiding-place of Robin and Marian to the Sherriff and gives him a love potion to use on Marian.


The usurper barons mock the Sherriff about the stolen money and he vows revenge. He calls on the Celts, who are not afraid of the magic in Sherwood Forest. The Celts attack the outlaws’ camp and capture everyone apart from Robin, Li and Friar Tuck, and injure Maid Marian’s servant.


The Sherriff again tries to force Marian into marriage, and as a wedding gift offers her the lives of the outlaws’ families. Marian mocks him, and he overpowers her with the love potion.


Li treats the servant-girl in the outlaws’ camp. She doesn’t trust him but Li tells her his sad story and wins her over.


The Sherriff prepares the execution of the imprisoned outlaws, but they are freed by Robin and Li. Overcome with rage, the Sherriff stabs and kills his incompetent cousin Gisbourne.


The Sherriff decides to rid himself of the useless witch, but in her defence she shocks him with the news that she is his mother. His father, a nobleman, expelled her to the forest where she gave birth to a son and had her life saved by Herne. She then stole Herne’s magical arrow so she could gain power and reap revenge on the nobleman who had rejected her. Swapping children in their cots, she hoped that her son might attain the royal throne.


The treacherous bishop, who knows too much about the Sherriff’s crimes, prepares to escape. When he’s apprehended by Friar Tuck, he’s overcome with fear and suffers a stroke.


Acting on the advice of the witch, the Sherriff prepares a trap for Robin in the form of an archery tournament. The Sherriff thinks that he’s won, but Robin overpowers him with the help of his friends and kills the Sherriff in a duel. The witch tries to kill Robin. Li defends him, but is then killed by the witch, and Robin takes the magical arrow from her.


Robin carries the body of his dead friend to a sacred dolmen and returns the arrow to Herne who brings Li back to life.


The forest imps, one deaf and one blind, rejoice that their lord has retrieved his lost power and ask him to restore their hearing and sight. Herne laughs at them because they’re neither blind nor deaf; one has his ears stuffed with cones and the other’s cap covers his face as far as his nose.


Robin and Marian are married by Friar Tuck before a forest altar. The wedding is interrupted by King Richard the Lionheart returning from his crusades. For his services and devotion to the king, Robin is knighted. We are left not hearing her say ‘yes’.

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